Good Luck League Social 3


This past weekend was Good Luck League Social 3 at Thunderhill Raceway in Glenn County (Middle of nowhere Northern California), California. Good Luck League is an event put on by Lucky Valera and focuses on recreating the spirit of drifting from the classic VHS Option and Doriten VHS videos. A variety of drivers came out to the event, people just starting their drifting adventure to long time veterans like the Animal Style crew. There was music bumping out of the PA system all day and coffee being served by a pop-up coffee shop name Off-Top Coffee to keep everyone fueled for the long day of drift.


The Track


The track was set up on Thunderhill’s large skid pad. It started with a long straight that led into a 3rd gear sweeper (1) with a hairpin at the end of the sweeper (2). It then wound back into a left hand turn (3), a short straight, another left hand turn (4), and then one last turn-back (5) that ended close to the spectator wall. Before the event drivers were warned that this track was for intermediate or advanced drivers only, but as always the spirit of Good Luck League is to help push drivers without putting their cars in danger of hitting walls. Throughout the day drivers were able to push as hard as they were comfortable and could stay as far or as close to the wall as they wanted with a few cars managing to skim the wall.

Driver Spotlight



Lucas was originally big in mountain biking, he turned 16, got his license and got into cars and then found that RWD cars are fun. It is now 2 years later and Lucas is 18 and he recently picked up a BMW to start drifting. He picked a BMW because they seemed cheap, easy to work on, all his friends have them and work on them a lot, so there were people to learn from. He has put in a new clutch, coil-overs, bushings, and new engine mounts. Had a 318i, but bought it before he knew it only had 100hp and wasn’t good for drifting. So, he sold that and got his current BMW. First event was in December, but took a 3 month gap and then really started drifting in March! He’s been to about 6 events so far and goes to every Wednesday night Drift at Sonoma. In the middle of the track day one of Lucas’s engine mounts broke and he had to get a new one from a local auto shop. He replaced it track side so he could get right back out on the track.



Missy came to the track with her S13 vert, which she recently put an Origin Lab racing line kit on and has a nice base coat of black primer. She is on PBM comp coil-overs, B-Knuckles, and a dual cam KA. She has had the car for almost 5 years now. She got into drifting through a series of fortunate events, friends and family members around her started to get into drifting, and then she got hooked. She came to the track with her new drift team Loco Styles. Missy hosted one of the first Women’s drift days in NorCal two years ago and is looking to run another this summer if she gets enough interest, so reach out to her on IG if you are interested! She also has a youtube channel about her learning and working on her car check it out here.


Jeff Wolfson

Jeff comes in his street practice car. It is cheaper to run, he puts fuel in it and takes it out to the track. He likes having the simplicity of this car compared to his pro car which he has to do a bolt check, change the fluids constantly, and bring a bunch of wheels and tires to the track. He used to run formula drift in an FRS. He bought his 240sx caged, with knuckles, arms, and a blown head-gasket. He fixed the head gasket and then blew it up at grange last year. He just put a new motor in it and this is his first event back on the track. Jeff originally got into drifting by watching old car movies like Bullit. He would watch the chase scenes in the City and see the cars drifting around the corners with their tires pointing in the direction they wanted to go. He thought that looked really cool, and then when drifting got popular he realized that is what they were doing in the movies and that was exactly what he wanted to do. He has now been drifting for about 16 years.



Alex has been drifting off and on for 10 years. This was his first official event on a track. He recently moved to California from Hawaii where he learned to drift in the mountains of Maui and Oahu. He had a 240sx in Hawaii and then bought an is300 when he moved to California. Right now it is a pretty much bone stock car, with an upgraded radiator and coil-overs. This is the first time he has really had a chance to shakedown his car. Originally got into drifting by watching a VHS of 808 speed vol 3 which featured a local touge on Oahu. He was inspired to get into drifting by the two s14s in the video which were drifting down Mount Tantalus. He then learned to drift on those very same roads that he saw in the video. Alex gives a shoutout to everyone in Hawaii!


Organizer Spotlight


Lucky Valera

Lucky is originally from Stockton, CA and has lived in San Jose since 2013. He started drifting in 2005 in Tracy where there was a racecourse that did Thursday night drifts. Lucky has been in the scene a while and used to help run PMC goes drifting with Lamar from Prestige Metal Coatings. Good Luck League started in 2018 and is coming up on its 1 year anniversary! Lucky and his crew want to help show people the side of drifting that was on the old Option and Doriten VHS videos. If you are new to drifting Lucky suggests following Animal Style, Wolfreign ( 🙏), and Naoki Nakamura. OG heroes that Lucky looks up to are Katsuhiro Ueo, and Yasuyuki Kazama. Pop in a VHS, or search on Youtube Drift Tengoku, or Option 2 Drifting and learn the history. Lucky thanks all the contributors to Good Luck League, all the drivers, and all the spectators that just came to hang out!

Like most things it takes a village to run an event and we weren’t able to interview everyone who contributed to Good Luck League, but thanks to the whole crew for putting on such an awesome event!


Pics from the Day

I am not the best photographer, but I tried to capture as many pictures of everyone as possible. Hunt through these 400+ images to find you doing your best skid! Apologies for the tire chunk on the lens.