How Our Bidding Service Works

First Step.png

Find your item

Find the Yahoo! Auction Japan or Up Garage listing you would like to bid on. We recommend using Google Chrome to browse these sites as it provides the best in-browser translation.

Second Step.png

Pay a deposit and Wolfreign buys the item

Once you have figured out what car part you would like to purchase grab the link from your address bar and find the correct auction category for your part here.

On the auction category page you will put in your highest bid amount (If the auction sells for lower you will be refunded the difference) and part type.

We will automatically add in the 23% commission fee and shipping cost so you will know the total cost before you bid.

Third Step.png

We ship the item to America

Once the auction is won we will notify you that your order was completed. If your auction was won for less than your highest bid, we will issue you a refund for the difference.

After this happens we arrange for Japanese domestic shipping from the seller to our receiving location in Japan, and then store your item(s) until our next available freight shipment is ready to ship out.

We schedule our freight shipments quarterly, so we always have a shipment on the way. Check the shipping schedule Once the shipment containing your item(s) has arrived to our warehouse located in Oakland, CA they are available for pick up. See more about shipping



What is the deposit for?

The deposit is required for us to purchase the item on your behalf. We will manage shipping the item within Japan to our warehouse and then ship it to the Wolfreign headquarters in Oakland.

What happens if the item ends up selling for less than my deposit?

If your item ends for less than your deposit you will be refunded the difference.

Why do I need to pay for shipping if I am picking it up the item from Wolfreign?

The shipping cost covers shipping from the auction owner/upgarage to our facilities in Japan, and then the freight shipping costs to America.

When will my item arrive?

Your item will go on the next container to Wolfreign. For more specific dates check out the container shipping schedule.