California Residents:

If a California resident raffle winner wishes to register this vehicle legally in the state of California, they must complete the mandatory C.A.R.B emissions compliance testing for imported vehicles at their expense. C.A.R.B emissions compliance for an imported vehicle can range as high as $10,000 without consideration for transport or registration costs, and can take upwards of 8-12 weeks to complete. Please inquire with us if you have any questions about registering an imported vehicle in California.

Raffle Terms and Conditions:

1) You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this raffle. 

2) This raffle offer is only available to residents of the lower 48 states.

3) There is no written or implied guarantee of winning by purchasing a sticker to participate in this raffle.

4) There is no written or implied guarantee or warranty pertinent to the condition of this vehicle, it is being offered AS-IS without warranty.

4) Winning possession of this vehicle is not exempt from individual state or federal tax requirements. 

5) Winning possession of this vehicle does not guarantee a successful transfer of ownership in your home state/county. Registering this vehicle is the sole responsibility of the winning raffle ticket holder. Please do your due diligence in regards to ownership of an imported vehicle. This vehicle is currently titled Out-of-State. Please inquire if you have any questions about registering an imported vehicle.

6) California residents that wish to register this vehicle in California are subject to the expense of C.A.R.B certification in addition to DMV registration and licensing costs.

7) Shipping/Transport costs will be at the expense of the winning ticket holder.

8) The raffle drawing will take place on 7/7/17 if the reserve amount for the vehicle is met. This amount is $10,000 in sticker sales. We reserve the right to postpone the raffle drawing date until the reserve amount is met.

9) Raffle applications are not valid until checkout has been completed through our website for the purchase of the sticker. Cash raffle payments will not be accepted. Once your raffle application is completed we will mail you your portion of the raffle tickets. Please select free raffle ticket shipping at checkout.

10) Multiple stickers may be purchased by a single individual thereby resulting in multiple raffle entries.