Yahoo! Auction Japan Bid Service

Yahoo! Auction Japan Bid Service

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For the time being, we are only offering this service to our current clients, who we love so much! If you wish to refer your friends and family, please feel free to share this link with them.

We are implementing a new system for Yahoo Auction Japan bidding that requires a deposit with every YAJ bid request to cover the desired bid amount. Deposits will be applied towards the total cost of purchasing the desired YAJ item, and are fully refundable in the event that the auction is not won. Unused deposits can be left with us on retainer if desired.

Instructions for calculating the required deposit:

The required deposit must exceed or be equal to your MAXIMUM bid amount in USD.

For example:

If a 28,000 JPY max bid is requested or $249.75 USD (USD to JPY Exchange Rate 10/10/18 = 1 USD to 112.11 JPY)

The required deposit will be = $250 USD*

*In the event that a maximum bid is not desired, we will bid the corresponding maximum amount to the deposit received.

To begin bidding on Yahoo! Auction Japan today or purchase direct from Up Garage, please submit the following form with the link of the YAJ auction/Up Garage item you are interested in.  We understand that most auctions are time sensitive, so please submit your requests as soon as possible.

Once an item is won you will be invoiced for the full amount including your desired shipping option. Your deposit will be applied towards the invoice.

Please see the schedule of fees for the bidding service and shipping options below.

Please contact us directly with any questions or requests.

(510) 532-2536

Deposit Amount:
Enter Bid Information / Submit Bid

Yahoo! Auction Japan / Up Garage Service Fees

YAJ / Up Garage Service Charge:

  • We charge 23% commission on the total purchase price of each item, which included all applicable YAJ fees and shipping within Japan. Our minimum commission is 2,000 JPY.

  • Shipping from Japan to the USA is an additional expense. 

Full payment including shipping costs are due once the auction is won. We will invoice you after you receive notification that the item was won.

Ocean Freight Charges:


Wheel 16''-20'' (Including tire) $70

Wheel 16'-20'' (No Tire) $50

Wheel 13''-15'' (Including tire) $60

Wheel 13''-15'' (No Tire) $40


Roll Cage set$240

Front seat (including seat rail) $120

Seat rail $40

Rear seat set $100

Dash (including accessories) $240

Gauge cluster $25

Door panel $50

Interior carpet/headliner $120

Floor mat set $40

Shift Knob $5

Misc. interior trim piece $12

Misc electronics (Gauges, boost controllers, turbo timers) $12


L+R Fender pair, front or rear $120

Side step pair $120

Full 3pc kit $360

Bumper, front $140

Bumper, rear$140

Lip$100Hood $300

Grill $30


Hatch $280

Trunk $160

Hardtop $600

Bumper beam$40

OEM Spoiler $90

Aftermarket/GT wing $100

Door $180

Window glass/Acrylic, front or rear $300

Window glass/Acrylic, side $90

Wheel hubs, L+R set $40

Headlight/Taillight set $60

bumper/corner lights $10


Complete Engine/transmission set $660

Engine set only $550

Engine Long Block $250

Cylinder Head only $120

Engine accessories (p/s pump, Alt, starter) $40

Turbocharger only $80

Turbocharget kit $140

Cylinder head internal component sets $25

Engine Cams $30

Engine Crankshaft $60

Engine block internal component sets $40

Radiator $80

Cooling fan $40

Intercooler kit $100

Wiring Harness $40

ECU $20

DrivetrainTransmission only $240

Shifter $40

Differential in pumpkin $200

Differential only (not in pumpkin) $60

Clutch Set $60

Flywheel $60

ExhaustCat-Back exhaust $200

Turbo Exhaust Manifold $60

N/A Headers $180

Muffler only $100


Subframe $200

Coilover set $120

Suspension arm pair $30

Swaybar $30

Strut Bar/ Brace $20

Steering rack $40

Knuckle pair $40

Control arm pair $30


Brake Caliper pair $80

Brake Rotors pair $60

Local pick up is available from Oakland, CA. Shipping charges within the US are an additional charge.

Air Post Charges:

  • 1,500 JPY fee for handling and packaging materials.

  • Air Post charges vary by item size and weight, please inquire for a quote.

  • Size and weight limitations apply. General rule of thumb is small items only.

Air Post is available direct to your door.