Shipping and Fees

YAJ / Up Garage Service Charge:

  • We charge 23% commission on the total purchase price of each item, which includes all applicable YAJ fees and domestic shipping within Japan. Our minimum commission is 2,000 JPY.

Ocean Freight Shipping Costs:

  • We ship most of our parts from Japan to our Oakland, CA warehouse using freight shipping which guarantees you the lowest cost of shipping for large car parts. The prices for freight shipping are listed below.

  • Freight shipping only includes shipment to our warehouse. If you would like to pick up your item directly from our warehouse then that is all you will need to pay for shipping.

  • If you are unable to pick up your purchase in person, we would be happy to forward your item(s) to you for an additional shipping charge. Feel free to call (510-532-2536) or email us for a US domestic shipping quote.

Part Freight Shipping Cost
Wheels 16"-19" (including tire) $80 each
Wheels 13"-15" (including tire) $50 each
L+R Fender pair, front or rear $150 each pair
Side step pair $120 each pair
Bumper, front or rear $180 each
Hood $400 each
Grill $25 each
Hardtop $600
Exterior Continued
OEM Spoiler $80 each
Aftermarket/GT wing $120 each
Doors $200 each
Window glass, front or rear $350 each
Window glass, side $150 each
Headlight/Taillight set $75 each
Trunk or Hatch $280 each
Front seat (including seat rail) $120 each
Rear seat set $100
Dash (including accessories) $150
Door panels $50 each
Interior carpet/headliner $80 each
Roll Cage $250
Misc electronics (Gauges, boost controllers, turbo timers, climate control) $20 each
Complete Engine $550 + 5,000 JPY heavy handling fee
Engine Block or Cylinder Head $250 + 2,500 JPY heavy handling fee
Engine accessories (p/s pump, Alt, starter) $25 each
Engine internal components (cams, valves, pistons, etc.) $40 each bundle
Turbo or Exhaust Manifold $80 each
Radiators $80
Intercooler kits $80
Transmission $400 + 2,500 JPY heavy handling fee
Clutch Set $80
Flywheel $80
Differentials (in carrier) $180
Subframe $250
Suspension arms/braces/sway bars $45 each
Coilover sets $120 each
Brake Caliper (2) $75 each set
Brake Rotors (2) $75 each set
Wheel hubs, L+R set $40