Wheel 13’'-15'' (No tire)

Wheel 13’'-15'' (No tire)

from 101.50

Cost Breakdown

Cost of Auction + Shipping (Japanese Domestic Shipping + Freight Shipping) + 23% Commission


If the auction is won for less than what you paid you will be refunded the difference.

Deposit Amount:
# of Wheels:
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Yahoo Auctions Wheels: Yahoo Auctions Wheels Search

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Instructions for calculating the required deposit:

The required deposit must exceed or be equal to your MAXIMUM bid amount in USD.

For example: 

If a 28,000 JPY max bid is requested or $249.75 USD (Use below calculator to figure out how much to deposit)

The required deposit will be = $250 USD*

*In the event that a maximum bid is not desired, we will bid the corresponding maximum amount to the deposit received.

To begin bidding on Yahoo! Auction Japan today or purchase direct from Up Garage, please submit the following form with the link of the YAJ auction/Up Garage item you are interested in.  We understand that most auctions are time sensitive, so please submit your requests as soon as possible.

Once an item is won you will be invoiced for the full amount including your desired shipping option. Your deposit will be applied towards the invoice, if your deposit was more than the ending bid you will be refunded for the difference. 

Please see the schedule of fees for the bidding service and shipping options.

Have any additional questions? Feel free to call or email us.

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What is the deposit for?

The deposit is required for us to purchase the item on your behalf. We will manage shipping the item within Japan to our warehouse and then ship it to the Wolfreign headquarters in Oakland.

What happens if the item ends up selling for less than my deposit?

If your item ends for less than your deposit you will be refunded the difference.

Why do I need to pay for shipping if I am picking it up the item from Wolfreign?

The shipping cost covers shipping from the auction owner/upgarage to our facilities in Japan, and then the freight shipping costs to America.

When will my item arrive?

Your item will go on the next container to Wolfreign. For more specific dates check out the container shipping schedule.