Yahoo! Auction Japan/Up Garage 

We offer affordable Yahoo! Auction Japan and Up Garage purchasing services to those interested in acquiring unique items from Japan. We bid on and purchase items for you, and then arrange to have them shipped to the US. We offer an exclusive ocean freight service that provides an affordable solution for shipping items of all sizes stateside. We also offer speedy air post shipping for small to medium sized items. 

YAJ / Up Garage Service Charge:

  • We charge 23% commission on the total purchase price of each item, including shipping within Japan. Our minimum commission is 2,000 JPY.

  • Shipping from Japan to the USA is an additional expense.

Full payment including shipping costs are due once the auction is won. We will invoice you via PayPal after you receive notification that the item was won.

Ocean Freight Charges:


  • Wheel 16''-20'' (Including tire) $70

  • Wheel 16'-20'' (No Tire) $50

  • Wheel 13''-15'' (Including tire) $60

  • Wheel 13''-15'' (No Tire) $40

  • Interior

  • Roll Cage set $240

  • Front seat (including seat rail) $120

  • Seat rail $40

  • Rear seat set $100

  • Dash (including accessories) $240

  • Gauge cluster $25

  • Door panel $50

  • Interior carpet/headliner $120

  • Floor mat set $40

  • Shift Knob $5

  • Misc. interior trim piece $12

  • Misc electronics (Gauges, boost controllers, turbo timers) $12

  • Exterior

  • L+R Fender pair, front or rear $120

  • Side step pair $120

  • Full 3pc kit $360

  • Bumper, front $140

  • Bumper, rear $140

  • Lip $100

  • Hood $300

  • Grill $30

  • Mirrors $40

  • Hatch $280

  • Trunk $160

  • Hardtop $600

  • Bumper beam $40

  • OEM Spoiler $90

  • Aftermarket/GT wing $100

  • Door$180

  • Window glass/Acrylic, front or rear $300

  • Window glass/Acrylic, side $90

  • Wheel hubs, L+R set $40

  • Headlight/Taillight set $60

  • bumper/corner lights $10

  • Engine

  • Complete Engine/transmission set $660

  • Engine set only $550

  • Engine Long Block $250

  • Cylinder Head only $120

  • Engine accessories (p/s pump, Alt, starter) $40

  • Turbocharger only $80

  • Turbocharget kit $140

  • Cylinder head internal component sets $25

  • Engine Cams $30

  • Engine Crankshaft $60

  • Engine block internal component sets $40

  • Radiator $80

  • Cooling fan $40

  • Intercooler kit $100

  • Wiring Harness $40

  • ECU $20

  • Drivetrain

  • Transmission only $240

  • Shifter $40

  • Differential in pumpkin $200

  • Differential only (not in pumpkin) $60

  • Clutch Set $60

  • Flywheel $60

  • Exhaust

  • Cat-Back exhaust $200

  • Turbo Exhaust Manifold $60

  • N/A Headers $180

  • Muffler only $100

  • Suspension

  • Subframe $200

  • Coilover set $120

  • Suspension arm pair $30

  • Swaybar $30

  • Strut Bar/ Brace $20

  • Steering rack $40

  • Knuckle pair $40

  • Control arm pair $30

  • Brakes

  • Brake Caliper pair $80

  • Brake Rotors pair $60

Local pick up is available from Oakland, CA. Shipping charges within the US are an additional charge.

Air Post Charges:

  • 1,500 JPY fee for handling and packaging materials.

  • Air Post charges vary by item size and weight, please inquire for a quote.

  • Size and weight limitations apply.

Air Post is available direct to your door.

To begin bidding on Yahoo! Auction Japan today or purchase direct from Up Garage, and to receive a final total quote, please submit the following form with the information of the auction / Up Garage item you are interested in.  We understand that most auctions are time sensitive, so please submit your requests as soon as possible.




JDM Parts Brokering

We specialize in brokering NEW and USED aftermarket parts from Japan. Substantial savings can be had by purchasing directly from major manufacturers like Origin-Labo, SuperMade, BN Sports, URAS, D-MAX, Hot Road, and Spirit Rei to name a few. We provide very affordable ocean freight rates for larger items, and Air Post for smaller items.

JDM Parts Brokering fee: 23% of the items purchase price, including shipping within Japan.

Please use the form below to inquire about purchasing direct from Japan.

Name *


JDM Vehicle Brokering

We offer JDM vehicle brokering for those interested in acquiring classic Japanese vehicles meeting 25 year NHTSA and EPA exemption.  Consider us your partner in Japan as we handle everything from purchase to delivery!

JDM Brokering fee: $1600 flat service fee which includes; the search, inspection, and purchase of the vehicle you desire, as well as coordinating the logistics of exporting and landing the vehicle in the US.

You can expect an additional $2500-$3500 in expenses and logistics charges, including; domestic transport within Japan, export paperwork submission, export customs clearance, international freight charge, import paperwork handling, and import customs clearance.

Delivery to you once the vehicle has landed and cleared customs is an additional expense if you are unable to pick up the vehicle in person.

The total fees associated with purchasing a vehicle in Japan vary with the source of the vehicle. We can acquire vehicles from; wholesale auction, public auction, dealer, and private party.

Here is an example of the fees associated with the most common purchase source: wholesale auction. 

Vehicle: 1991 Nissan S13 Silvia

Source: Wholesale auction house

Winning bid: 702,000 JPY

Auction Fee: 34,560 JPY

Recycling Fee: 8,860 JPY

Total Vehicle purchase price: 745,420 JPY


Retail Vehicle Sales

We stock a unique array of JDM vehicles and parts, along with iconic performance vehicles available to the US market. The imported Japanese vehicles that we offer for sale meet 25-year federal exemption from both EPA and NHTSA requirements, and are 100% legal-to-own in the United Sates.

Most states allow for easy registration of imported vehicles, however states like California require additional steps in order to make an imported vehicle compliant with state emissions requirements. We have successfully registered several direct import vehicles in California, please inquire if you are a resident of California and you wish to legally register an imported vehicle. 


USDM Vehicle Brokering

If you're having trouble finding the perfect car or motorcycle in the US, let us find it for you. We have a vast network of wholesale outlets likely to turn up exactly what you've been looking for. We inspect the vehicles beforehand, and prepare them for delivery at no additional cost. International brokering inquiries are welcome.

USDM Brokering fee:

$500 flat service fee below $10,000 purchase value.

$1,000 service fee above $10,000 purchase value.

$2,500 Flat service fee above $50,000 purchase value.

$5,000 flat service fee above +$100,000 purchase value.



Having trouble selling your vehicle? Don't have time to manage the sale of your vehicle? Tired of craigslist flakes and tire kickers? Consign your vehicle to us today and let us display it securely in our indoor showroom.

Consignment fee: 15% of vehicle sale price